The Place of Trust

In order to work with a recruiter on a successful and intelligent legal job search, you must be able to trust her. Getting to this place of trust can be tricky. Why? Because your recruiter will earn a fee if she places you, and you remain with that employer for an agreed-upon period of time. So what would prevent her from pushing you into a position that is an imperfect long-term fit? A skilled recruiter will advise you on the appropriate firms/companies from the perspectives of their viability, cultural fit, compensation and professional opportunity for you. You just need to find that trustworthy recruiter first.

So how do you navigate your way to the place of trust through the sea of aggressive, charming recruiters?

  • Check in with your comfort monitor. Does the recruiter listen to you? Does she return your calls promptly? Does she understand your time frame?
  • Ask questions. Ask about recent placements. Where has she made placements? Who does she reach out to at firms/companies?
  • Ask for a reference. Word of mouth is the best referral source for recruiters.

A skilled recruiter is proud of her placements. Her reputation is built by placing lawyers who are successful in building a firm or company’s practice and reputation. The trust should follow naturally as the recruiter produces results and provides advice that is useful. The trust will grow as your search proceeds and the recruiter is responsive and supportive and sometimes provides coaching that is difficult to hear.

Finally, use only one recruiter for a true search (as opposed to opportunistic exploration). It is important to build a relationship that you can lean on throughout your search.

We believe in beginning from the place of trust at CMW Legal Search. I’d like to invite you to take a moment now to meet our team, and then we hope you’ll reach out to us at to get started.

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