So You Want To Go In-House…

In my years of legal recruiting, the number one question I’ve heard from law firm associates is, “How can I find an in-house job?”

I wish there were an easy answer. Even associates at top firms can find it challenging to land a fantastic in-house opportunity. However, I can share a few general resume tips based on feedback from our corporate clients that will help you write your best resume and hopefully get that first interview.

Resume Dos:

  • A straightforward, easy to read and well-organized one- or two-page resume
  • Descriptions that emphasize your experience most relevant to the opportunity at hand
  • A deal sheet that lists the projects you took the greatest responsibility on, are the highest profile and broadly representative of your practice

Resume Don’ts:

  • Fancy fonts
  • Heavy, cream-colored resume paper
  • 5-page deal sheets
  • Text so dense that only a law school professor would bother reading it

And here’s another tip: I am currently working on a number of excellent in-house opportunities.

If you are considering making a move and one of these jobs sounds like a good fit for you and your experience, I’d love to hear from you!

Please send me an email at or send me an InMail via LinkedIn, so we can set up a time to talk.