Success = Opportunity + Skills

Matching the right opportunity with your well-developed and specific skills is the key to a successful and rewarding career.  That sounds easy, right?  However, the truth is that it takes bravery and an openness to the market.

If you are unhappy with your current position because you are not challenged, or you feel unappreciated, or there isn’t a clear path for advancement, get to know your market!  If you feel that your best attributes (i.e. specific expertise in a discreet practice area, business development) are not being rewarded or realized, you owe it to yourself to understand if your highest potential can be realized on a different platform.

I recently worked with someone who was a non-equity partner at a small firm with unpredictable profitability. Although this attorney was highly regarded, she was frustrated that there was no room in the group for a new equity partner. Therefore, her professional growth and compensation were capped. I presented an opportunity within a high profile group in a profitable firm. This opportunity was precisely suited to her skill set and it resulted in an immediate and positive career advancement, including compensation, status and professional growth. The group in the new firm “needed” her and therefore the compensation and status reflected that need.

Take control of your career and your potential. Call a trusted recruiter to know your market. Most importantly, be open to an opportunity that feels right and speaks to your personal advancement and then take the leap. Trust yourself and your skills!